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6 Basic Ayurvedic Food Principles

While much of what is best for you to eat is determined by your individual dosha(s) or current imbalance, Ayurveda has some basic dietary guidelines that everyone can benefit from. 1. Eat foods closest to their natural state. This is an easy principle to remember but can be a difficult one to follow. Health and wellness come from eating food that is natural and unprocessed. If it comes in a can, box, bag, or is frozen, it is likely not the best for us. And if we consume meat, we should be attentive that it is fresh, quality meat and the animal has been treated as humanely as possible. 2. Only eat when you're hungry. Ayurveda asks us to be attentive to our natural signals. Even though eating

5 Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

Almost everyone has had issues getting a good night's sleep at one point or another. But some people experience this struggle on a more consistent basis. What can we do to improve our quality of sleep? Here are five suggestions to get you on the right track: 1. Go to bed on time: There are natural cycles and rhythms that are helpful to follow in order to aid oneself in getting good sleep. From approximately 6pm to 10pm the body and mind shift into a slower energy. It is the body's time to digest, slow down from the day's activities, and prepare us to fall asleep. If we stay awake much after 10pm, we enter a different natural cycle where the body uses more energy to detox and purify. If awake

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