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A 5-step Ayurvedic Morning Routine

If we look at nature, we notice that most things have a daily routine and follow a rhythm that seems to flow with ease. Human beings, however, don't have it quite as easy. Modern technology and modern life has allowed us to get out of touch with a more natural routine and rhythm. We often find ourselves pushing the limits of what truly serves our physical and mental best interest in order to fulfill the many important obligations we have as family members, friends, employees, etc. So where can start to build a positive routine in the midst of the realities of modern life? Ayurveda suggests attention to our morning routine as a important part of health and wellness. 1. Wake up before sunrise.

5 Basic Signs from Your Tongue

Okay. Run to the mirror and stick your tongue out at yourself. What do you see? What color is is? Is the color even all over? Is it covered with a thin or thick coating of white? Does it have little bumps all over or is it completely smooth? Are there cracks? Maybe "teeth" marks on the side? According to Ayurveda, these things, and more, are good indicators of our state of health, because the tongue reflects what is happening in the digestive system (and actually more!). So what are some basic things to look for, and what do they mean? 1. Is there a thick white or slightly brown coating on your tongue? A thin white coating is natural, but a thick white or slightly brown coating can be an ind

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