Basic Constitution Test


Read each statement, and answer according to what is generally true for you, not what is necessarily true at this moment. When you have finished the test, add up your answers for a, b, and c.  Although not comprehensive, this can offer some initial insight into your primary constitutional balance. For a printable version of this test, click here.


1.  My physical frame is

_____ a. thin and lean

_____ b. medium with good muscles

_____ c. large and thick

2.  My body weight tends to be

_____ a. low; I have trouble gaining weight

_____ b. medium; I can gain weight but can lose weight quickly

_____ c. on the high side; I have trouble losing weight

3.  My skin tends to be

_____ a. dry and rough, especially in cold weather; thin

_____ b. soft an warm, prone to rashes; many moles

_____ c. oily and cool; prone to facial acne

4.  My hair is

_____ a. dry, thin, wiry

_____ b. straight; prematurely gray or balding

_____ c. thick, oily, abundant

5.  My eyes are

_____ a. small, dull, brown or black

_____ b. medium, sharp, green or gray

_____ c. big and round, blue or brown


6.  My fingernails are

_____ a. dry, rough, and brittle; fingers are thin

_____ b. soft, pink; fingers are medium

_____ c. thick and smooth; fingers thick

7.  In terms of general perspiration,

_____ a. I don’t sweat very much

_____ b. I sweat excessively

_____ c.  I have a moderate amount of sweat

8.  My joints are

_____ a. visible, boy, and often crack

_____ b. just visible and loose

_____ c. not seen with a lot of tissue surround them

9.  My appetite tends to be

_____ a. variable or light

_____ b. strong and/or excessive

_____ c. steady, regular, but can skip meals


10.  In terms of physical activity,

_____ a. I am fast and very active

_____ b. I am moderately active 

_____ c. I am more slow and lethargic

11.  In terms of mental activity,

_____ a. I tend to be restless and active

_____ b. I tend to be strong-minded and intelligent

_____ c. I tend to be calm, dependable, and steady

12.  My sleep is generally

_____ a. disturbed and interrupted; I often wake up in the early hours

_____ b. moderate but slightly disturbed; I sometimes have trouble falling asleep

_____ c. sound and more than 6 hours

13.  When stressed, I tend to be

_____ a. anxious, insecure, and impatient

_____ b. irritable, jealous, quick to anger

_____ c. possessive, withdrawn

14.  My digestion is

_____ a. irregular; when indigestion, some gas and bloating

_____ b. quick; when indigestion, tends toward acid, heartburn

_____ c. slow; when indigestion, produces mucous

15.  In terms of elimination, my bowel moments are

_____ a. constipated; dry

_____ b. regular or loose

_____ c. regular or thick and oily

16.  My memory is

_____ a. good in the short term, but quick to forget

_____ b. sharp; accurate

_____ c. slow but steady

17.  My climate preference is

_____ a. warm and humid weather; I dislike cold and dry

_____ b. cool weather, I dislike a heat and sun

_____ c. warm but dry weather; I dislike cold and damp

18.  I tend toward the following type of interests

_____ a. recreation, activities with movements, talking

_____ b. competition, debate, politics

_____ c. family and social events; collecting

19.  My speech is

_____ a. rapid; sometimes I speak before I think

_____ b. precise and articulate

_____ c. slow and measured


20.  In terms of personality, I tend towards being

_____ a. vivacious and talkative; outgoing

_____ b. intense, ambitious; I like to be in control

_____ c. reserved and laid back


a. _______ Vata (Air)

b. _______ Pitta (Fire)

c. _______ Kapha (Earth)