Frequently Asked Questions

Is there current scientific support for this approach?

Yes. Modern science continues to confirm many of the core teachings of Ayurveda. In particular, the areas of circadium medicine (which won a 2017 Nobel Prize) and chronobiology are continuing to demonstrate the intricate link between nature, natual cycles and rhythms, and one's health.

Do you offer individual sessions?

The real benefit in Ayurveda comes from a person's commitment to their wellbeing over a consistent period of learning and practice. Ayurveda is about addressing root causes and long-term alleviation of symptoms. This requires a focused effort on the part of the client, who is ultimately responsible for his/her own health and wellbeing. I do offer sessions on a per-session cost, but it is more economical and better for consistent focus on health and wellbeing to select a package of sessions.

Can I ask you a quick question by email for free?

Absolutely! I am happy to answer whatever questions I can! Feel free to send them to me. However, know that I am limited in what input I can provide or recommendations I can offer without being able to fully assess your body-mind constitution and specific needs.

Is this just a diet? Is it only for weight loss?

Ayurveda is much more than a diet. It involves discovering what choices (food and lifestyle) will work best with your unique body-mind constitution and maximize health and wellbeing. Those looking to maintain a healthy weight for their body have great success with Ayurveda, but it can benefit many different physical and mental issues that are caused by imbalance.

Does this require a specific spiritual belief system?

No. Ayurveda is not a religion and it doesn't require specific beliefs. It is a science of understanding how to optimize the body and mind's natural states for ideal health and wellbeing.

How long does it take to see results?

While Ayurveda does offer remedies to promote quick alleviation of some symptoms, the real change with Ayurveda comes over time. The length of time required to see results can vary, depending on the specific issue being addressed, how long the issue has been present, and how committed a person is to making necessary changes. Many people start to see positive changes within several weeks with things continuing to improve after that.