5 Basic Signs from Your Tongue

Okay. Run to the mirror and stick your tongue out at yourself. What do you see? What color is is? Is the color even all over? Is it covered with a thin or thick coating of white? Does it have little bumps all over or is it completely smooth? Are there cracks? Maybe "teeth" marks on the side? According to Ayurveda, these things, and more, are good indicators of our state of health, because the tongue reflects what is happening in the digestive system (and actually more!). So what are some basic things to look for, and what do they mean?

1. Is there a thick white or slightly brown coating on your tongue? A thin white coating is natural, but a thick white or slightly brown coating can be an indication of toxin build up in your system and improper digestion.

2. Are there cracks on your tongue? If so, this can be an indication of stress. If there is a deep crack down the middle of the tongue, this can reveal chronic stress. If your tongue shakes when you stick it out, this can further indicate a state of stress and anxiety.

3. Do you have "teeth" marks on the side of the tongue? This is often an indication of malabsorption, which means something is hindering an efficient absorption of nutrients and/or fluids.

4. Do you notice that you have a red, dry, and smooth tongue? This can indicate that there is too much stomach acid and is frequently seen in someone who experiences heartburn or other digestive inflammatory conditions.

5. Is your tongue pink overall, with no "teeth marks or cracks, and has just a thin layer of white mucus? If so, hooray! This is what Ayurvedic practitioners see in someone who has a strong digestion with no overload of toxins in the system.

There are many other indicators of health that are revealed by the tongue, but these are few, basic things to look for. Checking your tongue each day can give you some hints about your digestive health and/or how your body reacts to specifics foods.

Also, buy a tongue scraper and scrape your tongue first thing in the morning. This not only removes bacteria, but it helps sharpen your taste buds and stimulates digestion!

So stick that tongue out! It can actually help you!

P.S. And, as always, let me know if you have any questions.